Disabling Junk Programs at Start-Up

While on-site this morning, a customer asked: How can I keep this ‘crap’ from starting up every time I turn my computer on?!

My reply was: Follow the given steps to disable the windows auto run applications. To use this feature, you will need to be logged into your computer with administrative rights.

  1. Click the Start button, click Run, and type msconfig in and press Enter.
  2. A small System Configuration Utility dialog box will appear with many options like General, System.ini Win.ini, Boot.ini, Services, Startup and Tools.
  3. Click on the Startup tab and uncheck the applications that you want to disable from your Windows startup.
  4. Now click on Apply button to implement the changes, then click the OK button to end the configuration process.
  5. Restart your computer so the changes you made will go into effect.

Voila! Doing this on your computer will give you the best gains in startup and system performance. Using this tip, you can minimize the startup time of Windows XP and Vista also.

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