Video Helps You Outrun Your Competition

Here’s how you can outrun your competition even if they are using video on their web site and YouTube. In your videos, you must be the dentist who answers the most pressing questions and biggest objections a new patient would have. Remember, you’re speaking directly with them instead of having them just read words on page. You could even offer to have new patients send in a question, then respond to it by video on your blog. We’ve seen, time and again, how this method works and helps dentists secure larger and more new patients. Call us today for an evaluation of your web & video marketing.

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Colin Receveur is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and dental web marketing expert who has pioneered the way dentists market themselves online for the past decade. Since incorporating in 2001, Colin has established a rock solid track record with his dentist clients and turned SmartBox into a stalwart of proven results for hundreds of dental practices.