YouTube Boasts 3 BILLION Videos Watched — Per Day

Were you that dentist that in the last couple years, finally decided to get a website?

Video is the new marketing vehicle of the internet. YouTube just announced that every minute, 48 hours of NEW video is uploaded. And 3 Billion videos are being watched every day.

Using video on your website, social media outlets, and syndicated across the internet, you can instantly build your reputation and credibility as the expert in your local area. I know, that sounds like BS, but here’s the facts:

1) Google can read videos just like they read the pages on your website. Your video needs to be content rich and optimized just like your website
2) Video needs to be syndicated and indexed with the search engines, just like your website. Google is now putting YouTube videos in the top positions when people search.
3) It’s so much more than just text on a page. Video allows you to interact with your patients, show them your office, and let them listen to your actual patients raving about you.

Video on the internet is the new “gold rush” — those fast-movers and first implementers will get the benefits (just as they did with their websites) and be ahead of the pack for years to come.

Contact us to see how we can implement video into your website and marketing strategy.

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