Is Your Website a Big Wewe?

I bet I can guess what you’re thinking right now :]

Sorry, you’re wrong. And your website might be wrong too.

On goes the Wewe Goggles.

What’s that you ask?

The Wewe Goggles let us see how much you’re in love with yourself.

How many times do you say “we do this” or “we do that” or “we are the best” etc etc etc.

Basically, the Wewe Goggles show us how little (or no) patient focus your website has.

Where can you buy these stylish shades?

No purchase required, just head on over to and see what your score is.

Here’s our results…

For the url:
Your Customer Focus Rate: 67.07% (55 customer-focused words)
Your Self Focus Rate: 32.93% (27 self-focused words, and 0 mentions of the Company Name)
You speak about your customers about 2 times as often as you speak about yourself. Excellent!

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Colin Receveur is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and dental web marketing expert who has pioneered the way dentists market themselves online for the past decade. Since incorporating in 2001, Colin has established a rock solid track record with his dentist clients and turned SmartBox into a stalwart of proven results for hundreds of dental practices.