How Your Dental Patients Perceive You

Your patients are going to fall into three categories:

  • Those that care about the features and specifics of what you want to do
  • Those that care about the benefits and advantage of what you want to do
  • Those that care about the costs and overhead of what you want to do
  • Make sure you’re speaking to what they care about. They don’t care about you or what you want to do in their mouth. They care about their agenda and fixing the problems they have. Every person is going to have different cares.

  • Typically “worker-bee” employees care about features and specific functionality.
  • Mid-level execs care about advantages and benefits.
  • Upper echelon owners’s want value and think “bottom line.”
  • Consider setting your treatment plans into sections that address each of these people types specifically. “Executive Summary” talks about the bottom line, another section for the benefits of why they should choose you and how you’re going to help them, and the last section for nitty gritty details.

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