How To Make Your Dental Practice Disappear

Imagine you are a 007 spy. Counter-spies know you’re out there but they can’t find you. It is as though you have vanished off the face of the earth. Now snap back into reality. You’re a dentist. Letting the world find you is vital to your business. But can you be found?

If you want your practice to drop off the face of the earth don’t include an address in your web based business listing or directory. Experts all say that this is one of the most common factors in poor ranking performance during online searches. Not only can the public not find you but Google won’t even try. One webmaster went so far as to say that not using an address in your online directory is like buying an iPod and never turning it on.

Another way many dental listings inadvertently hide can be with the street name itself or how it is entered. Using “Rd” for “Road” or “Hwy” for “Highway” confuses the search engines. Leaving out the North, South, East or West as a leading tag on a street name can also destroy your ads effectiveness. Finally, if the street or road you are located on goes by several names you might have a problem. If “Johnson Road” turns into “Decker Street” and then back again your address may show up in one location during one search and in another to someone else.

To correct this, first make sure you enter your street address as completely as possible spelling out everything. Secondly, test your listing. Look online for yourself. Does your practice show up where it’s supposed to be? If not, go back and change your listing and try again.

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