Are You Dreaming or Awake?

550px-Tell-if-You're-Dreaming-Step-9I came across a great quote this morning:

“Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.”

A common question I am often asked is what are the qualities of my best and most successful dentists?

In no particular order, they:

  • Are clear on how they differentiate themselves from their competition.
  • Understand the value that their patients have of the care they provide
  • Surround themselves with people and employees who are remarkable at what they do.
  • Invest their time not only in learning more, but applying it in their office and life.
  • Are passionate about what they do and helping their patients meet their goals.
  • Are great communicators and highly effective managers of their time.
  • Leverage effective marketing in their practice to continually grow and prosper.
  • Understand the difference between delegating tasks and assigning responsibilities.

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