Swing Hamma’ Swing

Dumb spiders go hungryIf you were building your dream home, would you judge it’s quality by the type of hammer your carpenter swung?

Ridiculous question, right?

You won’t believe me, but dentists say this ALL the time.

  • “What’s my bounce rate?”
  • “What’s the average time someone spends on my website?”
  • “How many hits did I get last month?”
  • “How many keywords am I ranking for?”

Serious question: Where does YOUR MONEY come from?

Does it come from hits and clicks? Lowering your bounce rate? Having someone spend another minute on your website?

Or PHONE CALLS to your front desk?

As a dentist how much money did you make last year selling things online?

My guess is zero. zilch. nada.

Now if you are Amazon.com and you sell everything under the sun online, then you are probably pretty focused on things like bounce rate, time on-site, unique visitors, and all that jargon. It’s Amazon’s lifeline. It’s how Amazon makes their money.

Clicks and hits and bounce rates and the rest of the non-sense is cute, but at the end of the day, it’s not putting a dime back in your pocket.

A dentist’s real success metrics are phone calls.

Phone calls put “Butts In Your Chairs” that you can do dentistry on.

Take a look around and focus on the metrics that count.

You’d judge the quality of your dream home by the final product, not the tools being used.

Don’t base the success of your website on metrics that don’t equate to YOUR SUCCESS.

Know your ROI forwards, backwards, in and out.

You won’t get that kind of data from Google Analytics…

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