Are You Maximizing Your Online Marketing Potential?

Congratulations for building a practice that has made you financially successful. If that is the case, you are probably already doing some good things. But unless you are doing everything in our patient attraction system, you are leaving money on the table.

That means you are working more than you have to, not saving as much for retirement or your children’s education as you could be, or not putting as much money back into the business as you could be.

Most likely, you have a nice website that brings in new patients. But are they the right patients? Are they patients who come to you ready to buy? Do they recognize you as the expert in the field, or did they get lucky to choose you? Are they focused on value and not price? Are they ready for elective procedures or only what insurance covers?

That pretty website may even get lots of clicks and visits. But what is your close rate on turning website visitors into paying patients? If you don’t know, you’re not tracking phone calls the way we do.

If you’ve been marketing online for six months and aren’t getting at least 50 phone calls a month, or if you’ve been marketing online for 12 months and aren’t getting at least 100 phone calls per month, then your website isn’t as effective as it should be. “Clicks” and “visitors” don’t pay your bills, finance your retirement or buy new equipment – more and better patients do.

You also may have good reviews online. But are you emphasizing those reviews so prospects can see them? Or do good potential patients have to get lucky to hear testimonials about your good work?

Your practice probably has a lot of “Likes” on Facebook. But how many of those “friends” pay, stay and refer? Because what good is social media doing you if it doesn’t translate to new patients? It may be helping you maintain your current patient list, but is that all you want the practice to do – maintain?

And I’ll bet, even with a successful practice, you aren’t staying in contact with your prospective patients in a way that maximizes your ROI, at least not the way our clients do using our patient attraction system.

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