Why Content Marketing is (and Always Will Be) King

Good content is the foundation of any profitable web marketing campaign. Everything on your web should answer some form of “why” for prospective patients:

  • Why should I read this?
  • Why should I watch this?
  • Why should I have this procedure?
  • Why is it worth the cost?
  • Why should I choose this dentist to do it?

Engaging prospective patients with information THEY want will boost your conversion rate and get your site more views.

Patient-driven content, also called online audience optimization in the search engine world, is content written for real people, not for machines and algorithms. That means worrying more about fresh articles, blogs, social networks, video and mentions on other reputable sites more than keywords and views.

Search engine optimization is all about being listed as high – and frequently – on a results page as possible. With recent changes to the way Google finds results, keywords will not be enough. As more people ask questions, which research shows they are, strong content is becoming the key to DOMINATING a results page.

How we can move you to dental content marketing

SmartBox Web Marketing is uniquely positioned to take advantages of these changes. Our team of writers is well-versed in writing in language prospects will understand while still enticing search engines to use in results.

We offer several packages that include regular articles, blog posts and press releases that will show your expertise to prospective clients and get you mentions in social media and on other websites – further encouraging search engine indexing.

Read more about it in our ebook “How Education-Based Marketing Can Make You the Expert,” which will help you grow your business without sounding like a salesman.

If you’re ready to position yourself as an information resource to attract the patients YOU want, contact us at 888.741.1413 or here. Feel free to look around the site at the topics that interest you most or click here to see the results we’ve achieved for hundreds of your peers across the country.