Our Dental Marketing Is All About Your Bottom Line

There are lots of euphemisms for selling out there: patient acquisition, case starts, direct patient contact, targeted marketing. Face it, the only reason to have a website is to get paying patients in the door. To find those new dental patients and cases that YOU want, you have to design your dental web marketing campaign to not only dominate the entire first page of Google, but you also must provide killer content and information to your prospects, automatically follow-up with all your prospects for 12-24 months after initial contact, and you have to scrupulously track all your dental marketing so you know what is (and is not) performing. FlowChart7-e1336655586123

What does a success dental web marketing campaign look like? Here is one example from “click” to “cash.”

And that’s our marketing philosophy.

  • Absolutely dominate the first page of Google.
  • Leverage technology to automate your marketing to send emails, txt’s, postcards, and letters to stay in touch with your patients.
  • Scrupulously track every piece of dental marketing so you know exactly the calls, consults, cases, and cash it generated.
  • Record every call because even the best marketing is wasted if the phone call doesn’t close.

At SmartBox Web Marketing you can expect:

  • Search engine optimization techniques that will drive qualified patients to your website and to your door.
  • Copywriting that is search engine friendly yet still interesting to read for your patients
  • Dental website design that psychologically compels your prospects to take action
  • The best traffic analysis & ROI tools available so that you can make sound decisions
  • A friendly staff of professional web designers, copywriters, SEO experts, and marketers at your disposal
  • Stunning dental videos with high production values that will attract the types of patients and cases YOU want
  • The benefit of experience and brutal honesty (a rare commodity these days)

All of our dental marketing services are for that reason, and that reason only. Our dentist clients are business people who expect results, not excuses, and that’s what we deliver.