Do You Want to Work as Hard to Stay #1 as You Did to Become #1?

If you are reading this page, that means you already dominate your local dental market.

(If you don’t, there are lots of pages on our website to help you attain that position. Start on those and contact us when you are ready to join the ranks of dentists who are #1 in their markets.)

Still here? Good. That makes you one of the best of the best. You probably already have a good system for attracting patients, or at least a good-enough system, but look at what have you sacrificed to get here:

  • Family time

  • Personal interests

  • Untold amounts of money

  • Friendships/personal relationships

  • Rewarding, fulfilling work

  • Opportunities

You’ve built your practice on your talent, training and commitment. You have a steady base of patients, get good referrals and attract new patients. Now you are at a stage where you should be looking to (pardon the cliché) work smarter, not harder.

The way to do that is with a patient attraction system that runs without you having to manage it.

How to Get More and Better Patients

What is your goal now that you are #1? Do you want to leverage that position to make more money to put into retirement or your kids’ college fund? Would you like to cut back on your hours without decreasing your income so you have more time with your family or for yourself?

Whatever your goal, we can make it happen. How, without knowing what your goal is, can we say that?

Because our system attracts the patients YOU want. So if you want to increase your patient volume, we’ll put your name in front of those prospects. If you want to increase the volume of people looking for higher-priced elective dentistry, that’s who we’ll bring through the door. If you want to stop attracting penny-pinching price-shoppers, we can do that too.

Our proven patient attraction system uses a message tailored for each client to bring in more and better patients.

But first you have to let us know what you want. Get educated about what we do by looking around the site. Learn about our philosophy, tools and techniques. After all, you didn’t become #1 without doing your homework. Be sure to see the results we’ve achieved for hundreds of your colleagues across the country.

When you’re ready to start, contact us at 888.741.1413 or click here. We’re ready to hear your goals and work with you to see them through.