Are You Looking For More & Better Patients?

Alright, but first let’s start at the very beginning to understand your marketing from your patient’s eyes

  1. First, Your advertising on the Web, Newspaper, Radio, Television… whatever marketing vehicle you use, your sales funnel begins with prospects seeing your advertising.
  2. Once a prospect finds you, they need to be pre-qualified, so they are a good fit for your services (skip this step and your schedule will explode with unqualified leads).
  3. …and then your prospects must be compelled to call and schedule a consultation (do you just want “impressions and branding and clicks” or do you want phone calls & new patients to treat?)
  4. You must follow-up and keep in touch with your prospects until they are ready to buy (otherwise you’re missing 50% of your potential patients).
  5. And THEN they turn into paying patients!
This is the #1 cause of why many dental practices
failed with their web marketing in the past.
You can have the best office, staff, equipment and expertise… you might be “Dentist Of The Year” with all of the right credentials and certificates… but if your marketing funnel doesn’t have the systems in place to do this, your prospective patients are simply going to your competitors.


You MUST Consider These Facts:

  • No longer is it “OK” to just have your website at the top of Google (You must now dominate the entire first page of results)
  • No longer is it “OK” to have a dental website without powerful video (If you are lacking video now, you have already missed the bus)
  • No longer is it “OK” to just drive masses of ‘hits and clicks’ to your dental website without converting them into patients (If your phone isn’t ringing, it’s a complete waste of time and money)

If you want to grow your practice by targeting patients needing work in the niches in which you have advanced clinical training, contact us today.