Be the First Dentist in Prospects’ Local Search Results

Does your website put you at the top of a Google search for “dentist” in your area? Does your practice DOMINATE the page? What if prospective patients Google the most lucrative procedures you perform? Or what if they don’t use Google at all? How would you stack up then?

Ninety-seven percent (97%) of consumers go online to find local services to the tune of more than 5 BILLION searches per month. Research shows that 93 percent begin on a search engine and 75 percent never make it past the first search page. Both Google and Bing say that more than 20 percent of all desktop searches are local – and that leaps to about half of searches on mobile devices.

What are you doing to push yourself not only to the top of the search but to be the ONLY logical choice?

If you think search engine optimization (SEO) is enough, you’re a few years behind. Changes in the way Google sorts data requires more local content, such as updated web pages, unique blogs and video if you want to DOMINATE that first page of results.

For more information, your should read “The New Yellowpages,” a special report detailing how you can maximize your local search results.

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