Market to the Patients You Want

If you are attracting the wrong kind of patients, it’s because you are sending them the wrong message.

You should direct your marketing to attract the patients YOU want. Period.

Your competitors are. Those patients who need $1,000, $10,000 and $50,000 procedures are going to someone. It’s just not you – or at least, not often enough.

At SmartBox, our industry-leading patient attraction system is all about bringing you the best prospects to meet your short- and long-term goals.

What’s the Purpose of (Web) Marketing?

Fact: Your dental website is a tool used to attract the patients YOU want.

Ask yourself these questions:

If you want kids and teenagers, and every photo and video testimonials is of a senior citizen, who do you think you’re going to attract?

If you want to reduce your dependence on insurance claims, should your website emphasize all the insurances you accept?

If you want to do elective “big case” dentistry, are these types of patients looking for discounted x-rays and cleanings?

Your website is a mirror for prospective patients. They should see themselves:

  • in the images and videos

  • in the problems you solve

  • in the way you write

  • in the look and feel of the site

When your prospective patients are searching for a dentist, they look for dentists that seem to speak directly to them and their needs. If your images, videos, testimonials and content speaks directly to them, they will look to you to be their dentist.

So now what? You’ve dumped a bunch of money into marketing to the wrong people. Should you dump in more money to change it?

Request a free Dental Website Audit. It will tell you and us what your website does well and what you need to fix to attract the patients YOU want.

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