Are You Losing Patients Because of Your Weak Mobile Presence?

We’re willing to bet you know exactly where it is, and it is probably within arm’s reach. And when was the last time you looked for a phone book?

If you are like over half of all Americans you can’t remember because you reached for your smart phone, did a quick search and got the results you wanted.

Americans have gone mobile. We are people on the run yet we still crave information and want to be connected. Smart phones and web accessible phones merge our busy lifestyles with portable accessibility and instant information. It is no wonder that many households don’t even own a land line anymore and that more smart phones are now sold than PC’s. They are hand held computers for people on the go.
Responsive Dental Websites

Your Dental Practice Has to be Mobile

It used to be that all any dentist who wanted new patients had to be concerned about was their web presence. Great websites that were fully search engine optimized could be seen by the scores of people searching for a dentist every day. But now that we’ve become a ‘mobile’ society, your information also has to be optimized for mobile phones.

Your services, information about the cases you want to attract, hours, advanced clinical training, location, phone numbers and even testimonials; now it all has to be found on mobile phone search engines. What you want to describe and the expertise you want to highlight has to capture attention on screens almost the size of credit cards. Mobile information about your practice has to load fast on those little devices or people will bypass you for your competitor

This means your website and internet presence now has to translate to a mobile presence. The rules of the game are different than they are for websites. Mobile devices don’t display web pages well. Search engines can even tell when a search for you comes from a mobile device versus a computer. They will give priority to the websites that can give viewers easily read mobile pages. With the growing number of smart and web accessible phones in the hands of people looking for “dentists” you have to be proactive. You have to be there when and where ever people are looking for you.

SmartBox Will Takes You Mobile

In our never ending attempt to keep up to date with internet trends, we have merged our S.N.A.P. System (Simple Navigation and Personalization) with a mobile application. Now as soon as a webpage is created it is automatically translated into a mobile optimized page.

S.N.A.P. lets you (or us 🙂 quickly and easily update your entire website, add blog posts and information, change pictures, add testimonials and video – All In a SNAP! No More Expensive webmaster fees, unnecessary delays, or emphasis lost in the translation. If you can edit a Word document, you can use SNAP to edit your own content. No special pages to write, no mobile HTML to know… anyone can now create a mobile page in a SNAP!

Have Your Marketing Efforts Kept Up With the Times?

The world is changing rapidly. You don’t see people keeping phone books anymore, and many don’t even have landlines. The web and mobile phones have changed everything. In 2012 over 1 billion people around the world will even use their mobile phone as their primary internet connection!