Chris Haberman

Chris Haberman
Chris Haberman
Digital Content Expert
Like many people, I grew up dreading the dentist, today, I find it refreshing to write about these services that truly help people.

Chris has loved writing since he was a kiddo, even rewriting scripts for some of his favorite movies as early as age 8. After graduating from the University of Louisville in 2005, he worked as a copywriter for several advertising agencies and marketing firms. Though he’s written for a wide variety of healthcare clients, this is his first foray into the world of dentistry, which he still finds fascinating.

“Like many people, I grew up dreading the dentist,” Chris said. “Today, I find it refreshing to write about these services that truly help people.”

A major scary movie buff since childhood, Chris has also previously put his skills to use as a film journalist. He spent over 10 years providing film reviews, interviews, and set visit reports for New York’s Fangoria Magazine, a national horror film publication. During his time with Fangoria, he had the pleasure of interviewing many celebrities, including Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman, and Mila Kunis.

When Chris isn’t typing away, he’s spending time with his wife Sarah (whom he met in high school in 1997!), their daughter Lucy, and their two beagles, Rizzo and Goober. If it’s a Friday night, chances are you’ll still find him relaxing with a spooky movie.

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