Julie Gable

Julie Gable
Julie Gable
Always look for ways to streamline. Inefficiency is the most expensive ‘expense’ that doesn’t make it into a financial report

Julie is a master of streamlining accounting systems and has spent her career helping small businesses and startups thrive. SmartBox Web Marketing employees depend on Julie’s expertise, pragmatism, conscientiousness, organizational skills, and anal-retentiveness (good for accounting).

“With all the data input, accounting can be mind-numbingly mundane, but I always remember that these reports show how the business is generating cash, which ultimately becomes the basis of wealth. Looking at it that way makes it a little more interesting and exciting,” Julie said.

Julie has overseen several full-scale system changes during her career. But change is nothing new to her. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degrees in psychology and criminal justice, and while working full time, earned her accounting degree.

At SmartBox Web Marketing, Julie has a simple mantra that she works by: “Always look for ways to streamline. Inefficiency is the most expensive ‘expense’ that doesn’t make it into a financial report.”

The most important things in Julie’s life are her husband and her dogs. Each of her dogs, German shepherds, are named after Ford Mustangs – Roush and GT. She has traveled to all 50 states and is eager to visit as many National Parks as she can.

Julie enjoys every type of motor sports, is an avid reader, and considers herself a dedicated foodie, who loves finding unique hole-in-the-wall establishments when she travels. She also is a music collector and massive blues fan. Her favorites include B.B. King, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Joe Bonamassa.

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