Michael Holland

Michael Holland
Michael Holland
Associate Compliance Officer
I love writing. I don't even care what I’m writing about. I just want to write.

Michael grew up in a small farming community in Northeast Ohio. Everyone he grew up with became a farmer, and he was pretty sure that would happen to him, too. Fate, it seems, had other plans.

His wife, Michelle, was promoted at work. This prompted a move to Southern Indiana in 2010. Once there, Michael decided to go back to school. He enrolled in Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky in 2011. Four years later, armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in communications, Michael set out to find a job that would allow him to do what he had discovered he loved: writing.

“I love writing. I don’t even care what I’m writing about. I just want to write,” Michael said.

Michael joined SmartBox in February 2016 to begin a career in a field that was totally new to him. His passion for his craft can be seen in the copy he creates for the awesome dentists who have partnered with SmartBox Web Marketing.

Michael will achieve his goal of a graduate degree from Bellarmine University in the spring of 2017. When he is not writing, Michael enjoys reading fiction and fantasy novels, sports, exercising, and riding his motorcycle. He also writes for himself in his spare time. He and his wife have four amazing little boys: Connor, Nate, Josh, and Dominick.

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