1 Big Secret Every Multimillionaire Dentist Knows

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Patient Attraction Episode 689

How would you like to become a multimillionaire? If you’re like many other dentists I talk to on a regular basis, you have financial goals for your practice and maybe even some ideas about how to reach those goals. Maybe hitting that $2 million mark is one of yours, or perhaps you think that’s entirely out of reach. For today’s Throwback Thursday edition of the Patient Attraction Podcast, I’d like to share with you one proven method that our multimillionaire dentists have implemented to grow their practice by leaps and bounds. Listen to this April 2014 episode to find out the single biggest difference between you and multimillionaire dentists. You’ll learn one simple thing you can do now – one critical thing that will lead YOU on a similar pathway to success. Enjoy, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for Flashback Friday.  


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