5 Tips for Dentists Who Can’t Write

Patient Attraction Episode 397

There’s a running joke in our office about the need for the Oxford comma. Our team of writers could argue ad nauseam about that and other writing details that I find superfluous. But that’s what happens when you get people with master’s degrees, former journalists, and experienced editors in a room together. Today, I’m going to give you some tips so you would fit right in. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin Receveur here.

– I have done my fair share of writing, but even I wouldn’t try to go toe to toe with my writing team.

– I like using apostrophes and commas too much for that.

– But it is amazing what a difference well-written copy makes when it comes to attracting the right dental patients.

– Let me start with my usual caveat: I do not encourage you to try to do it yourself.

– DIY marketing is a waste of your time and talent.

– If you are spending your time writing, you are not focused on what will bring you more patients, more profits and more freedom: dentistry.

– OK, since some of your are going to ignore my warning, here are 5 tips for writing better:

  1. Know what you are writing.

– Whether it is a blog post, white paper, speech, whatever, ask yourself some questions:

– What am I trying to say?

– Who is my audience?

– What am I trying to accomplish?

  1. Plan, outline, and prewrite – or don’t.

– Start off with one main point that you want to write about.

– Then create an outline.

– Then write out a few words or a sentences for each point in the outline.

– Once you have that outline, you can expand the sentences to paragraphs.

– Or you can ignore all this and just sit down and start writing.

– The blank screen can be the most intimidating thing in the world sometimes.

– This stream of consciousness writing may be your best chance of getting something started.

– You can reorganize later.

  1. That brings us to point 2, reorganize.

– Don’t be afraid to move words, sentences and whole paragraphs.

– Word processing gives you the flexibility to do whatever you want with what you write.

  1. Set a deadline.

– The head of our content department likes to say that with unlimited time and space, everyone could write “War and Peace.”

– But you don’t have unlimited time, or at least shouldn’t give yourself unlimited time.

– That’s the best way to make sure nothing gets done.

  1. Finally, once you have written, read out loud.

– The best way to see where your sentences don’t work is to read out loud.

– It is also the best way to proofread your copy.

– Follow these tips and you’ll write like a professional.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.

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