Become a People Person, Not JUST Their Dentist

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Patient Attraction Episode 672

You may have seen the TV show with Gordon Ramsey, the no-nonsense chef who has spent his career training people in the culinary world and rescuing restaurants on the brink of disaster. In all the chaos that comes with running a kitchen, Ramsey’s attempt to save the kitchens in the show has less to do with the menu and almost everything to do with the customer experience. You may be spending tens of thousand of dollars every year on marketing but are not seeing the results. Your menu of services is incredible, but you can’t seem to attract new patients or keep your current patients. After the break, I’ll share some critical intel you need to know about how to attract patients who stay, pay, and refer.


– What drives you away from a business, draws you in, or keeps you coming back?

– If you ask 100 people that same question, almost all of them will talk about customer service.

– Time and time again, studies show that consumers DO NOT tolerate poor customer service.   

– You may be telling yourself that a dental practice has no comparison to a restaurant, but you’d be wrong.

– Just like a restaurant, people are NEVER going to visit your dental practice unless they are comfortable, treated well, have convenience, and above all, have a positive experience.

– This all starts with your website and the phone call.

– Howard Farran, one of the country’s leading dental marketing experts, told me in a podcast last April that training employees on proper phone technique is one of THE BIGGEST investments you can make for your dental practice.

– So, understand that the initial phone call is everything.

– You’d be surprised by how many dental offices fail to get the patient’s name or contact information during that initial phone call.

– A few months ago, I gave you tips on how to advance your phone training, and I hope you’ve had time to implement those.

– To recap, there are a few practices you can implement RIGHT NOW to convert more phone calls into patients.

– You need to open strong, use the caller’s name, get the caller’s contact information immediately, and push the caller to schedule an appointment.

– For this, tone and empathy are everything. Your callers want to know that YOU CARE about their problems and are eager to help.

– Here’s a hard fact to swallow: The caller or average patient doesn’t care about your degrees or even your menu of services.

– Prospective patients ONLY want to know that you can fix their problems. That’s it.

– With great phone techniques, you can retain more patients and convert more leads.

– Our dentists who follow the phone training we offer are enjoying more profits and more freedom.  

– If your practice numbers are down or you want better patients, start using these simple phone techniques today.

– Join me again tomorrow when I’ll have information you can’t miss about SEO and your dental marketing strategy.  

– Until then, keep moving forward.

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