Episode 033: The One About Google’s Blender

Google’s Blender

Had a doc call in earlier today very dissatisfied with the results he’s getting from his web marketing but it had a little bit of a twist. He was getting great ranking, had a dominant presence online organically, but he wasn’t getting any phone calls from his website. He recently installed call tracking and was savvy enough to be testing what he was doing and knew that even with this number one ranking he wasn’t getting any phone calls from it. Went in and did a little research on him and the problem that he was running into was a result of Google’s blended search results that they’ve really been pushing over the past, in many markets 18 months, some markets now only a few months depending on where you’re at. Blended search results is Google’s latest change where you may have a number one organic ranking but you might not actually appear on the first page until ranking 10 or 12 or you may not be on the first page at all. In some markets, I’ve seen recently in Chicago google for a search in dentists may not display an organic ranking on the entire first page so your SEO report you’re getting may show you as having a number one ranking but it may not even be on the first page and the reason is because Google is putting a lot of adwords on the first page which is their cash cow. They have the whole first page filled up with local search results and paid search results and there is no organic results there. In some markets there’s some organic results at the bottom or there may be some in the middle or there may even have some locals and organics and some locals and organics sprinkled about throughout the page so when you’re looking at your organic search ranking make sure that you’re actually going out there and testing the searches for yourself and in tomorrow’s podcast I’m going to talk a little bit about localized search results and why you can’t always 100% determine your ranking even by searching because of localization and personalization of search results but for the purposes of today’s podcast talking about blended search results make sure you’re physically going out there and checking because your number one ranking might not be worth squat in the real world on Google and Bing.

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