How Dentists Attract More and Better Patients (Part 6)

Patient Attraction Episode 425

Yesterday we talked about ways to organically attract more and better patients. Today, we are going to talk about paying to attract the patients you want. Stay tuned.

– Colin here and welcome to another Saturday podcast.

– When we first started the weekend podcasts, I told you they would be more technical in nature.

– Today certainly bears that out.

– First, let’s talk about the basics of pay-per-click advertising.

  • Average 25-40% of Phone Calls
  • Pay for what you use
  • Important component
  • Seasonal – Fishing
  • $5 clicks vs $158 clicks
  • Optimize for Quality Score

– So here is how quality score affects your cost per click.

– Quality score is rated on a scale of 1-10, with 5 being the Google benchmark.

– If you have a quality score of 1, you cost per click is increased by 400 percent.

– A 2 increases your price by 150 percent.

– A 3 increases it by 67.3 percent.

– A 4 increases it by 25 percent.

– 5 is the benchmark, like I said.

– A 6 increases it by 16.7 percent.

– A 7 DECREASES it by 28.6 percent.

– An 8 discounts it by 37.5 percent.

– A 9 discounts it by 44.2 percent.

– And a 10 gets you a 50 percent discount.

– Why does this matter to dentists?

– Because it affects your bottom line.

– To maximize your PPC:

  • Give your PPC manager website access
  • Have super-relevant landing pages
  • Create calls to action for all
  • It is too expensive to market to the same person twice

– So, you can attract patients by dominating Google:

  • Local Places
  • Citation Consistency
  • AdWords PPC
  • YouTube Videos (53x)
  • Fresh, Unique Content
  • Organic Listings
  • Your Website
  • Press Releases
  • Facebook
  • Major Directories
  • Your Book & Reports

– I know that is complicated.

– To get a copy of my Townie presentation and much more information, text the word “Attract” to (502) 442-2513.

– Come back tomorrow and we’ll look at pillar 2, conversion.

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.

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