How Dentists Attract More and Better Patients (Part 7)

Patient Attraction Episode 426

Welcome back to another Patient Attraction Podcast. Today, I’m going to tell you about the second of our four pillars in our patient attraction system: conversion. Stay tuned.

– Hi, Colin here and I want to channel my inner Alec Baldwin from the movie “Glengarry Glen Ross.”

– There is a great scene where he is just laying out some underperforming real estate salesmen.

– The language is definitely NSFW.

– But he tells the salesmen to ABC: Always Be Closing.

– I would change that just slightly to say that your marketing should ABC: Always be Converting.

– Converting is the second pillar of our patient attraction system.

– Top Website Qs:

  • Multiple / Old websites
  • Website Portable / Upgrade
  • Adobe Flash vs. HTML5
  • Scrolling banners
  • Reverse Contrast
  • Wrong Content or Over-Education
  • Leverage as a sales tool
  • Optimized for Google & Not Attracting New Patients

– Another method of conversion is video on your website:

  • What’s the first impression?
  • Your outdoor sign
  • Cialdini’s Weapons of Persuasion
  • Not going to meet you for a free consult
  • Camera Shake
  • Sound Echo
  • Backdrop
  • Outside Noise
  • Clinical Setting
  • Dialogue in Background
  • Bad Lighting
  • Exuding Professionalism

– Why leverage video?

– Comscore says people stay 2 minutes longer on your site.

– According to Moz, posts with video attract 3x more clicks.

– Forrester Research says websites with video are 53x more likely to rank page 1 on Google.

– And Marketingland says 62% of Google searches include video, and 80% of these videos come from YouTube.

– So remember: ABC.

– Come back tomorrow when we talk about follow-up.

– To get a copy of my presentation and much more information, text the word “Attract” to (502) 442-2513

– Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.

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