Patient Attraction Episode 062: Limited-time Offer on this Knowledge

Patient Attraction Episode 062: Limited-time Offer on this Knowledge

So we have reached the last of our six key principles of influence, scarcity.

Dr. Robert Cialdini told an interesting example of this during a webinar I heard not that long ago. It seems a construction company was going free home-efficiency audits. After inspecting the insulation, weatherstripping and air-tightness of each home, the company either told the homeowners how much money they could save (make) with improvements or how much money they were losing (cost) without making improvements.

Homeowners presented with the loss framing were 150 percent more likely to have the work done than those told of the benefits.

What does it tell us? People are more motivated by potential loss or lost opportunity than potential gain.

That affects dentists in three ways:

Those who are marketing positive attributes are losing patients to those who speak to negative attributes (give examples like nice smile vs. reduced embarrassment).

Dentists should ALWAYS offer limited-time offers. Otherwise, why should a patient act NOW? (talk about how this could be reduced fee or free, etc)

Once you have a patient in the chair, rather than telling them of the positive outcomes of doing a procedure, begin with the negatives of what could happen if they DON’T do the procedure.

In short, smart marketers emphasize the pain rather than the gain.

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