Patient Attraction Episode 110: Effortless Uses for Sound from Videos

Tuesday, 4/22/14 Ways to leverage video testimonials part 2 of 3

Welcome back everyone, I’m Colin Receveur and we’re going to continue our series on ways to use patient testimonial videos. Yesterday we talked about the video, today we’re going to talk about the sound. Stay tuned.

– So videos have two parts: the images and the sound.
– Yesterday we looked at how to use the video with both, including putting them on your website, including them in emails to potential patients and playing them in a loop on a TV in your waiting room.
– Today let’s talk about how you can use just the audio from those testimonials.
– Here are some ideas:

  • On your website
  • In radio commercials
  • As your on-hold telephone sound
  • In presentations
  • As parts of podcasts
  • During webinars
  • – Again, this is not an all-inclusive lists. If you are using audio from patient testimonials in innovative ways, please let me know.
    – I cannot emphasize enough the power of video patient testimonials.

    – Tomorrow we will look at the final way to use testimonials: transcripts.
    – Until then, keep moving forward.

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