Patient Attraction Episode 111: Triumphant Traditional Testimonial Transcriptions

Wednesday, 4/23/14 Ways to leverage video testimonials part 3 of 3

Colin here for day 3 of our look at ways to use video testimonials. We’ve looked at the video and the audio, today we’re going to look at the written transcriptions. Stay tuned.

– So video testimonials are what separate dentists with good web marketing from dentists with great web marketing.
– I cannot overstate how important video is when reaching out to potential patients.
– Patients can hear your voice, see your personality and pick up your enthusiasm through facial expressions and body language.
– They can do the same from existing patients, and as we discussed in previous podcasts, people are motivated by recommendations and by wanting to emulate people they see as being like themselves.
– But not every situation is right for video or audio.
– At those times, transcripts of video testimonials can be beneficial.
– Here are some examples:

  • On your website
  • In print advertisements (newspaper, billboards, magazines, mailer cards)
  • On signs
  • In brochures
  • In text messages
  • In emails to prospective patients
  • In presentations
  • In letters and other template materials
  • – These are the oldies but goodies, traditional uses that are all most dentists are using.
    – I encourage you to use your video testimonials in all three ways to maximize their benefit.
    – For more benefits and ways to maximize video testimonials, I encourage you to order my new book, “Attract More Patients in the Next Six Months than in the Last Six Years.” Go to to order.
    – Until tomorrow, keep moving forward.

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