Patient Attraction Episode 113: Make Friends With a Panda

Friday, 4/25/14 Patient Attraction Episode 113: Make Friends With a Panda

Colin Receveur here, and I would bet that when I mention the word Panda, most of you think about the black and white bear from China that eats bamboo. Today, I’m going to tell you how a Panda could significantly boost your business. Stay tuned.

– Achieving top-of-the-page results in Google searches is the goal of all web marketing.
– 70 percent of all searches are done on Google, and 75 percent of people never look past page 1 in a search
– So when Google talks about changes to its search algorithms, it matters to people like me.
– And it should matter to you.
– Last month Google indicated that it is working to change one of its algorithms called Panda.
– Panda is so important, I wrote a book about it a few years back, and I included a chapter about it in my latest book.
– The reason Panda is so important is because when Google introduced it in 2011, it significantly hurt a lot of small, local businesses, including dental offices.
– That’s because Panda values freshness and updated content, and that favors larger companies with people who do nothing all day but create and rewrite web pages.
– We still don’t know exactly what Google is planning in its Panda 2.0, only that the goal is to stop hurting smaller businesses.
– So the best way to be Panda-friendly?
– Have high-quality, real content on your pages.
– You still need tags and keywords and all that, but the most important quality is value to readers.
– My book, “Attract More Patients in the Next Six Months Than in the Last Six Years,” gives a lot more information, including how to tell if you were affected initially by Panda and nine tips on succeeding in the post-Panda world.
– To get a copy, go to
– Have a great weekend, and keep moving forward.

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