Patient Attraction Episode 127: Offer Just the Facts, Jack

Welcome back and thanks for joining me as we continue our series on 7 ways to sell your ideas. I’m Colin Receveur, and I’m about to give you the best advice ever! Stay tuned.

– This is Thursday, May 15, and we are looking at author and speaker Sally Hogshead’s 7 triggers to get people to buy into your message.
– Today we are looking at one called mystique.
– To hit this trigger, her research shows you should give a straightforward explanation of why the suggestion makes sense.
– Some people are motivated by candor.
– Unlike my intro, where I promised the best advice ever, don’t exaggerate.
– So if someone has gnarly, discolored teeth, tell them they should get them straightened and whitened because their mouth will be healthier, not because a new smile will change their life.
– For this type of persuasion, you want just the facts.
– Come back tomorrow and finish up the week with prestige.
– Until then, keep moving forward.

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