Patient Attraction Episode 130: How to Sell Your Ideas to a Rebel

Hi, Colin Receveur here and today I’m going to present you with a revolutionary idea. But be prepared, because it’s not what you’re going to hear from everyone else. I’ll tell you what it is when we come back.

– Welcome to the next-to-last day of our look at 7 key ways that people receive messages.
– Today we’re going to try to tap into the rebellion trigger to get people to buy into our ideas.
– In the intro, I told you that I was going to give you a revolutionary idea that was different from what you’re used to hearing.
– That is tapping into the rebellion trigger that Sally Hogshead talks about.
– That means making it clear from the very beginning that what you have to offer is not the standard.
– This prepares the person you are trying to convince to open his or her mind to something new.
– Here’s where the tricky part comes in: You have to know if that patient wants something new or different.
– So, a patient comes in with a mouthful of diseased and broken teeth but good bone density still.
– So you might want to suggest Teeth in a Day.
– But in the course of talking to the patient you find out they absolutely refuse to have any kind of surgery.
– So what good would it do you to suggest any kind of implant? None.
– However, a patient who comes in asking for dentures because his or her previous dentist suggested it may be the kind of patient with whom to begin the conversation, “Let me give you another idea that is outside the box.”
– Tomorrow we will conclude our series on ways to sell your ideas by looking at building trust.
– Until then, keep moving forward.

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