Patient Attraction Episode 143: Market Content Like the Media

Hey, it’s Colin Receveur, and today we’re going to conclude our series on your website’s content by looking at how good content on your website allows you to advertise your services as though they are part of the conversation. Stay tuned.


– Happy Friday, June 6.

– I want to start today podcast by saying that content marketing – that is, distributing valuable, relevant and consistent information to attract an audience with the goal of driving profitable customer action – is nothing new.

– The print, TV, radio and Internet media have been doing this for years.

– They provide content and leverage users’ desire for that content to sell advertisements to be placed with that content.

– So what I’m going to suggest to you today is not earth-shattering or startling.

– What I am suggesting is a new way of looking at your website.

– Your website is the content, and your services are the ads.

– Here is what I’m getting at:

– Deliver content that potential patients need and want.

– That may be how you can relieve their dental pain.

– That may be how you can alleviate their embarrassment.

– That may be how you can provide them the perfect smile.

– It may simply be your hours and a map to your office.

– Regardless, prospects are coming to your website to get information of some kind.

– Provide it!

– Give them informative web pages complete with good copy and videos.

– Write blogs that are interesting and engaging.

– Share content on social media that reflects the values and sensibilities of your practice.

– Build the audience to come to your website.

– Then provide reasons that audience should choose you for your dental needs:

– Offer more content like reports and books.

– Showcase the services you offer – written in a way that emphasizes the problems that correct for patients.

– Provide special web-only offers, like discounted exams or free teeth whitening.

– This change in emphasis from pitching your services to providing information goes back to something we talked about last week: putting the customer first.

– Do that, and you’ll attract more of the patients YOU want.

– For more information, check out my new book, “Attract More Patients in the Next Six Months Than in the Last Six Years” and our Patient Attraction Newsletter.

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– Next week we’ll talk more about content marketing, but instead of using your website as the vehicle for the information, we’re going to looked at automated emails.

– Have a great weekend and keep moving forward.

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