Patient Attraction Episode 145: 5 Keys to Having Your Emails Read

Hi, I’m Colin Receveur. Thanks for joining me on day two of our week-long look at email marketing. You can put a lot of time and effort into email marketing, but if prospects just delete your messages, it’s all for naught. More when we return.


– Happy Tuesday, June 10.

– So you’ve spent a lot of time either writing your own email marketing messages or, more likely, spend a lot of money paying someone to do it for you.

– But all of that is wasted if the patients you want aren’t opening those emails.

– Today I want to share 5 ways you can improve your chances of getting your emails read.

– Before I do, though, notice I didn’t say 5 ways we can guarantee your messages will get read.

– That’s because there is no way to guarantee that, and anyone who says otherwise is a snake oil salesman after your money.

– So here are ways you can increase your chances of having your emails read:

1. Write a GREAT subject line.

– This is the first thing people see when they check their email.

– If you subject line is enticing, creative, intriguing, alluring, whatever you want to say, people are more likely to open it.

2. Along those lines, try a teaser subject line to pique the reader’s curiosity. Don’t give away everything in the subject line.

3. Another subject line tactic is to emphasize something timely, important or relevant.

– So if the prospect says he or she wants more information on sleep apnea, go with a subject line like, “Your snoring could be killing you.”

– That’s pretty important and timely, don’t you think.


– The next two tips are less about the subject line than about you, the sender.

4. Make sure the email comes from you.

– That means the from line should say your name or the name of your practice.

– Obviously the person getting the email has a relationship with you already, even if it was just going to your website.

– That gives you a certain amount of credibility on which you can capitalize.

5. Finally, make it worth the prospects’ time to read your email.

– Don’t send irrelevant emails.

– Don’t send straight pitches for appointments.

– Don’t send “thinking of you” messages.

– Prospects need to see that there is value in the emails you send or they will stop reading them.


– Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about a change that may be sending your emails to your prospects’ spam folder.

– Until then, keep moving forward.

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