Patient Attraction Episode 89: Tricks for Getting that Pretty Girl to Date You

Hi everyone, Colin here with the last in our series on inbound marketing. In the first episode, I challenged you to stop marketing like a lovestruck teenager. Today, I’m going to tell you how to market like you date models. Stay tuned.

– A few years ago, a book came out and the author described his time inside a culture of pickup artists who were more geeks than hunks. What the technique came down to was that guys who want to date women out of their league should not show obvious interest; come off as confident, not in awe; and act as if they have limited availability.
– You can do the same things to your best prospects.
– Inbound marketing works like a funnel: targeted prospects go in the top and the patients you want to attract come out the bottom.
– First you get traffic: Content, content, content. This is about web pages and blogs, SEO and showing up in Google searches.
– Second you get leads: Place calls to action throughout your website to drive potential patients to landing pages with forms (free reports, books, etc.). Visitors fill out forms and become leads.
– Third, get customers: Send your leads automated emails to drive them through your sales funnel, including giving them limited-time offers.
– Finally, analyze: Look at what brought in new patients and what didn’t, then keep doing what works and revise what doesn’t.
– Here’s the payoff: companies that use inbound marketing get 54% more leads than those that don’t, and inbound leads cost 61% less than outbound leads.
– Put them together, and they add up to ROI.
– Good luck as you try to outkick your coverage, and keep moving forward.

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