Patient Attraction Episode 91: Video Can Produce Scary Good Results

Welcome everyone to day two of our three-day series on numbers that back up using video on your dental website. Come back and I’ll tell you the payoff for using video.

– Colin Receveur here and by now you might be wondering, what’s the payoff of video.
– Well, according to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days. Of that 80%, almost half took some action after viewing the ad.
– But, of course, the video you post on your site aren’t ads. Let’s talk about something most good marketers are doing, and that is emailing prospects.
– I talked last week about automating your emails to prospective patients. Here are some numbers showing that video would really ratchet up that effort.
– In 2010, an Implix email marketing survey found that including a video in an introductory email increased the click-through rate by 96%. That number may be conservative.
– The Forrester Marketing group surveyed businesses in 2010 and found that when marketers included a marketing or explainatory video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200% to 300%.
– Video can also keep prospects from opting out of your emails. Eloqua, an automated email marketing provider, found that including video in an introductory email reduced the number of opt-outs by 75%.
– Another online marketer reported a 51% increase in subscriber-to-lead conversion rates when video was included in an email marketing campaign.
– What does this show us? Video marketing increases sales and leads.
– We’ll conclude our series tomorrow looking at some numbers about what makes good video. Until then, keep moving forward.

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