The Older You Are, The More You Go to the Dentist … To a Point

Patient Attraction Episode 157

Hey everyone, Colin Receveur back on this Thursday, June 27. We’ll look at how age affects your likelihood of going to the dentist in the last year when we return.

– So we’ve been looking at results of a Gallup poll that asked 178,000 people in 2013 whether they had gone to the dentist in the last year, then compared their answers to the same question in 2008.

– Today we’re going to break the numbers down by age.

– In summary, the older you are, the MORE likely you are to go to the dentist…

– UNTIL you reach age 65. Then you are less likely than all but the youngest group.

– Here’s how it breaks down.

– About 62.5 percent of 18-29 year olds went to the dentist in the last year.

– That number increases to about 64 percent of 30-44 year olds.

– It increases further to about 66.7 percent of 45-64 year olds.

– Then dips again to about 63.5 percent of those 65 and older.

– There are lots of factors at work here.

– Maybe this is based on affluence, with the idea that that older you are the more money you have to spend on things like dentistry UNTIL you get to retirement age, when you want to conserve your nest egg.

– Maybe it is because the older you get, the more dental problems come to the surface and the more you NEED to see the dentist, UNTIL you get to 65, when some people are willing to accept that they may start losing teeth.

– There are probably many factors involved.

– Even more interesting than the numbers, though, are the differences in just the last 5 years.

– For instance, the number of 18-29 year olds who went to the dentist in the last year is virtually unchanged from 2008 to 20013.

– But the number drops by 3.5 percent from 2008 to 2013 for 30-44 year olds and 2.3 percent for 45 year olds.

– And the number actually INCREASES by 4.3 percent from 2008 to 2013 for those older than 65.

– There are any number of reasons for these changes.

– But no matter what the reasons, they come with opportunity, especially those aged 65 and older.

– We’ll talk about some of them to finish the series in just a couple of more days.

– But we’re not there yet.

– Tomorrow, we’ll talk about something I think underlies almost all of these other breakdowns: income.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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