Where You Live Determines How Likely You Are to Go to the Dentist

Patient Attraction Episode 159

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a good weekend. Today we are going to look at which regions of the country are most likely to see a dentist. Stay tuned.

– Today is the last day of June and I am Colin Receveur.

– Living in Southern Indiana, I get to experience both Midwestern and Southern culture.

– Indiana is definitely a Midwestern state.

– Kentucky, which is right across the Ohio River from where I live, is much more Southern.

– So it wasn’t that big a surprise to me to see the following results from a recent Gallup poll looking at the percentage of people who visited a dentist in the last year:

– Regionally, about 69 percent of people who live in the East visited the dentist, the highest rate of any region.

– That was followed by the Midwest, where about 67 percent of people visited the dentist.

– Third was the West, where 65.5 percent of people visited the dentist in the last year.

– And coming in last was the South, where only 60 percent of people visited the dentist in the last year.

– Only the West showed more than a 1 percent decrease in those rates from a similar poll done in 2008, and even the West dropped less than 2 percent.

– As I said Friday, I think most of this can be attributed to household income, but there could be some cultural issues at play here as well.

– So think about where you live.

– Are there opportunities to reach out to those who are not going to the dentist regularly?

– Looking at these numbers, there probably are.

– Be sure to tune in Wednesday when we’ll discuss how to leverage some of these opportunities to get you more and better patients.

– Come back tomorrow, and we’ll talk about how marital status influences people’s decision to go to the dentist.

– Until then, keep moving forward.

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