Why You’re Wrong If You Think You Charge to Fix Teeth

Patient Attraction Episode 199

Hi, Colin here and welcome to the final week of August. Today, I want to help you look right in the face of a blue collar worker and, without hesitation, say, “We can make that happen for only 20 thousand dollars” and feel GREAT about it. Stay tuned.

– For many dentists, the worst part of being a dentist is having to tell your patients how much a procedure will cost.

– In fact, many dentists have probably dumped that part off on a member of their staff.

– But today I want to tell you why you should not be embarrassed to charge a premium price for your services.

– The first thing you have to understand is that you do not provide:

-straighter teeth

-whiter teeth

-beautiful smiles

-replacement teeth, or

-sleep apnea appliances

– Actually, you do PROVIDE those things, but you don’t SELL those things.

– What you sell are results.

– You are delivering:

-the ability to smile with confidence

-eat what you want

-not be judged (unfavorably) because of your smile

-and a happier, healthier life.

– So if someone balks at your price, ask them what those things are worth and how they are going to achieve them for less money.

– You provide things they will have and use every day – piece of mind and self-esteem.

– In fact, what you are giving them is worth far MORE than you are charging them.

– The second thing is not to spend your patients’ money.

– Too often we pre-judge what someone can afford.

– I’ve heard instances of where factory workers paid cash for their full mouth reconstruction.

– Don’t let your preconceived notion of someone’s financial state dictate what they can spend.

– For someone who has spent 30 years embarrassed to smile, 15 thousand dollars is a small price to pay for beautiful new teeth.

– Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you how your success depends on how you run your practice.

– Until then, keep moving forward.

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