Web 3.0: What Every Dentist Must Know To Thrive in The New Economy

Web 3.0: What Every Dentist Must Know To Thrive in The New Economy

Local Search, Organic SEO, Google AdWords, Auto-Responders, Web Design, ROI Tracking, Social Media, Blogging, Mobile Apps & Video Marketing…

All Geeky Internet Slang, but Which Ones Do You REALLY Need?

The online world has certainly changed in recent years. Web 3.0 has taken the online environs and transformed them from a static place to a dynamic environment where users are the focus. In addition, those same changes have made it vital that companies adapt and grow at the same time.

The modern Internet offers tremendous advantages for almost everyone, including benefits for your dental practice, your ROI and your profitability. However, knowing what tools to use, how to implement various strategies and where to turn for help can be enormously frustrating for dentists.

This book is designed to help you come to terms with Web 3.0, how it affects your dental practice, and how you can use tools like social networking, social media marketing and search engine optimization to not only grow your business, but to ensure the best possible success, as well.

This book offers vital information about new systems and options online, new marketing methods that have emerged in recent years and how you can harness their potential. In short, this is your guide to the Internet and making it work for you.

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About the author
Colin Receveur is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and dental web marketing expert who has pioneered the way dentists market themselves online for the past decade. Since incorporating in 2001, Colin has established a rock solid track record with his dentist clients and turned SmartBox into a stalwart of proven results for hundreds of dental practices.