No Smart Dentist Left Behind Scholarship Program

No Smart Dentist Left Behind Scholarship Program

So you just bought a dental practice or you are starting one from scratch.

Your marketing budget is little to none, yet you know that you have to do something to get your name out there.

Instead of building a cookie-cutter website that looks the same as the next dentist down the street, let SmartBox start you off with a custom dental website that will actually attract new patients for you.

As your practice grows, we can implement more advanced marketing tactics to help you get even more patients.

Smart marketing doesn’t start when you have a big budget, it starts now.

“We want your trust and business no matter how much you owe the bank. The ‘No Smart Dentist Left Behind’ Scholarship Program is our way of giving forward to the next generation of super-hero dentists, helping them live their life and achieve their goals.” — Colin Receveur, Founder & CEO SmartBox Web Marketing

11 Amazing Benefits to the “No Smart Dentist Left Behind” Scholarship Program

  • Custom Website with 33 pages of professionally written unique and optimized content
  • Contact form & “Make an Appointment” page included
  • Website will be SEO and Geo-Optimized for your local area
  • Custom Responsive Mobile Website for your Dental Practice
  • Automatic follow-up system with 20 emails!
  • Video ready!
  • Zetetics™ New Patient Phone Tracking System with 3 call tracking lines!
  • Your own blog installed!
  • Social media integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • No restrictions on your website or domain – they are yours to take if you don’t feel like we are the best consultants for your needs
  • Website is built on our SNAP™ platform – you can easily update it yourself (as easy as editing a Word document) or we can do it for you
  • Investment: One-time fee $5,750 (regularly $9,055).

Additional Amazing Benefits to Your Practice:

  • Up to 50% Discount on all products and services for as long as you qualify
  • Organic SEO, Mobile SEO, Local SEO, Custom Video, Zetetics™ New Patient Tracking, Automatic Follow-up services available a-la-carte
  • Website hosting, security updates, and domain renewal for 49% off
  • Monthly strategy phone calls to discuss marketing and strategy in your practice
  • Unlimited email access to my team and I

Why I am Offering You This Scholarship Opportunity?

It’s not only because I want a way of introducing qualified people to our business… It’s an opportunity for you to “taste” our innovative systems at “no risk.”

The Scholarship will help you get engaged, will get you motivated, will expose you to brilliant marketing and practice building strategies, and your chance to do this will literally cost you next-to-nothing if you are awarded the scholarship.

Just remember… the economy and your patients are always changing. To stay on the top of your game you need to be a part of something that is innovative enough to propel your practice forward with the changing world around you Even if you just take advantage of this program for nothing more than the initial website, you WILL make more money this year. Period.

How Can We Afford To Offer This Opportunity?

Honestly, we can’t, which is why we’re only offering these in very limited quantities. We’ve priced this scholarship at literally our direct labor costs, not even paying to upkeep equipment, buy software, keep the lights on, or put a nickel in my pocket.

Here’s the truth I’ve found: If I help you to reach your goals, you’ll help me to reach mine. This scholarship program isn’t a “loan” or “charity,” it’s a way for me to “pay it forward” and earn your lifetime business. Don’t worry, there’s no game or contracts, you are free to take your website that we design and your domain to any consultant that you think can do a better job than us. By eliminating contracts, the burden is on us, every month, to prove the value of our services to continually earn your business.

If you’re really serious about getting ahead and making it big financially, you’ll really like this.

Who’s Eligible For This Scholarship?

  • For new graduates, you must have graduated within the past 18 months. Visual verification of your diploma is required.
  • For new practices, you must have opened or purchased within the past 18 months. Verification required.
  • International dentists welcome, however, non-English speaking countries are not eligible for this program. Contact us

What To Do Next?

All you have to do to apply for the Scholarship for our “No Smart Dentist Left Behind” program is fill out the Scholarship Application form below. We’ll be in touch.

About the author
Colin Receveur is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and dental web marketing expert who has pioneered the way dentists market themselves online for the past decade. Since incorporating in 2001, Colin has established a rock solid track record with his dentist clients and turned SmartBox into a stalwart of proven results for hundreds of dental practices.