Dentists Just Like You Are Attracting More & Better Patients

Testimonials don’t distinguish us from most of our competitors. Almost every dental marketing company can provide good comments from satisfied customers. Our ability to do so doesn’t set us apart from the second- and third-leading dental marketing companies, nor them from us.

What distinguishes us is the diversity of our clients. When you watch the videos below, you are seeing dentists across the spectrum:

  • dentists so successful that they train other dentists how to run profitable practices
  • dentists so savvy that they teach other dentists how to market their practices
  • decades-long veteran dentists with multimillion dollar, multiple-office practices
  • mid-career dentists who are international experts in their fields
  • mid-career dentists who are dominating their local markets
  • early-career dentists who recognize the value of web marketing in getting started
  • formerly struggling dentists from new practices to community luminaries trying to attract the patients they want
  • We’ve worked with all kinds of dentists. Young, old, American, foreign, Internet savvy and web illiterate. One thing they all have in common is that they recognize our ability to attract them more and better patients.

    Our patient-attraction system works. But don’t take our word for it. See what our clients have to say.

    Jeff Mask, Infusionsoft VPPlay Now
    "Why We Partnered with SmartBox & Colin Receveur"
    -Jeff Mask, Infusionsoft VP
    Dr. CJ LandryPlay Now
    "I’ve had several different marketing companies over the years that promised results that at the end of the term looked..."
    -Dr. CJ Landry
    Dr. Mitchel FriedmanPlay Now
    "Hi, I’m Dr. Mitchel Friedman of Newman Springs Dental Care in Lincroft, New Jersey. I’ve been a client of Colin..."
    -Dr. Mitchel Friedman
    Dr. AndersonPlay Now
    "Presently have a modified cookie-cutter website. It served its purpose to some extent, but it didn’t do everything that I..."
    -Dr. Anderson
    Dr. FoxPlay Now
    "My goal is to have an outstanding, exceptional practice. I feel like we’re on our way, but nothing’s ever perfect...."
    -Dr. Fox
    Dr. ArgerosPlay Now
    "The thing that I like is that I get to either indirectly get information from Colin every day. In the..."
    -Dr. Argeros
    Dr. FuestingPlay Now
    "I’m getting to a point where I would like to bring somebody else into my practice to do some of..."
    -Dr. Fuesting
    Dr. KiehlPlay Now
    "One of the biggest goals for me is just maintaining a really good, robust new patient flow to the office..."
    -Dr. Kiehl
    Dr. LeathPlay Now
    "Our marketing had a hole in it with online presence. We were on fourth page of Google, and that wasn’t..."
    -Dr. Leath
    Dr. Sean HansonPlay Now
    "I like the fact that Colin’s dad was a dentist and that he really only works with dentists because you..."
    -Dr. Sean Hanson
    Dr. TakacsPlay Now
    "I have done so many things wrong with marketing and things like that, that actually I have hired a marketing..."
    -Dr. Takacs
    Dr. KiehlPlay Now
    "Our site went live pretty much right at mid-December, towards the end of December and already we’ve seen a growth..."
    -Dr. Kiehl
    Corey HurcombPlay Now
    "Really, you want to be comfortable with the person you’re doing business with. It comes down to that. For SmartBox,..."
    -Corey Hurcomb
    Dr. David BistritzPlay Now
    "I’m solo practitioner, I run my office, and I manage my office. It’s a journey. It’s a journey in business...."
    -Dr. David Bistritz
    Dr. Kevin McMahonPlay Now
    "I’m very happy with SmartBox. It actually puts my marketing on autopilot. That makes it a lot easier for me...."
    -Dr. Kevin McMahon
    Dr. Mitchel FriedmanPlay Now
    "I’ve been with the SmartBox now since 2003. So far what I like is it’s automated a lot of things..."
    -Dr. Mitchel Friedman
    Dr. Ron ReceveurPlay Now
    "We just had the best four months that I’ve ever had. We’re up more than ten percent per month over..."
    -Dr. Ron Receveur
    Dr. Arthur LaosPlay Now
    "If somebody already knows how to do this, then bring them in. Integrate that into the practice, and take all..."
    -Dr. Arthur Laos
    Dr. Katie PostPlay Now
    "Since 2002 to 2008, my practice was slowly growing. Unfortunately when you looked at the total collections for the practice,..."
    -Dr. Katie Post
    Dr. HansonPlay Now
    "We had, probably 20-30 (new patients), maybe 40 before SmartBox per month. Last month, we almost hit 70. We were..."
    -Dr. Hanson
    Dr. PorterPlay Now
    "I’ve had other companies represent me on the internet, and usually it’s done by phone. An interview real quick, and..."
    -Dr. Porter
    Dr. Matthew BurtonPlay Now
    "The return on investment is great. I think SmartBox has done a great job of generating phone calls to the..."
    -Dr. Matthew Burton
    Dr. StiverPlay Now
    "We were at a point where we felt like we got a lot of the portions of running a practice..."
    -Dr. Stiver
    Dr. FederPlay Now
    "Last month was our best month ever by like $10,000, which is a good increase, obviously. This month I think..."
    -Dr. Feder
    Dr. Jonathan GilbartPlay Now
    "I’ve had different companies in the past. They’re good at this, they’re good at that, but they don’t put it..."
    -Dr. Jonathan Gilbart
    Dr. Woody OakesPlay Now
    "Colin basically is a genius on all types of marketing, is the CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing, and he has..."
    -Dr. Woody Oakes
    Max GotcherPlay Now
    "Hi my name is Max Gotcher. I have a consulting business consulting with dentists: Summit Practice Solutions. I got to..."
    -Max Gotcher
    Dr. Michael AbernathyPlay Now
    "Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Abernathy, and I’ve been practicing for over 40 years. I own Summit Practice Solutions and about..."
    -Dr. Michael Abernathy
    Dr. Randy SchmidtPlay Now
    "I have known Colin Receveur for years, and after talking with various dentists over the past few years and seeing..."
    -Dr. Randy Schmidt
    Dr. Randy SchmidtPlay Now
    "A warm thank you for Colin Receveur for bringing our practice into the 21st Century with Google SEO which is..."
    -Dr. Randy Schmidt
    Dr. Walter HadleyPlay Now
    "It’s easy to blame that on the economy and this and that but we just still felt that we were..."
    -Dr. Walter Hadley
    Dr. Yar ZukPlay Now
    "Some cool news for you, we have just hooked up with SmartBox Web Marketing which is kind of a weird..."
    -Dr. Yar Zuk
    Dr. John K. ArgerosPlay Now
    "Right now everyone wants to be contacted or stay in contact and it’s not the way that we used to..."
    -Dr. John K. Argeros
    Dr. Avi WeisfogelPlay Now
    "When I was looking to do website marketing, it was something that I was a little nervous about doing because..."
    -Dr. Avi Weisfogel
    Dr. Donald PlourdePlay Now
    "I think that currently one of the biggest referrals for us, for dentists now is becoming internet related. People are..."
    -Dr. Donald Plourde
    Dr. Doug ForbesPlay Now
    "Hi, I’m Dr. Doug Forbes from Columbia, South Carolina. I’m a general dentist there and I want to talk to..."
    -Dr. Doug Forbes
    Dr. David MaloleyPlay Now
    "I like to surround myself with the best because I know the most costly information is bad information and I..."
    -Dr. David Maloley
    Dr. Michael AbernathyPlay Now
    "Dr. Michael Abernathy: “Very few dental websites actually generate new patients.” You know we see this a lot when we..."
    -Dr. Michael Abernathy
    Dr. David MaloleyPlay Now
    "You can stay stuck in 1975 and say this has always worked for me, but the climate has changed. I..."
    -Dr. David Maloley
    "As a Dutch dentist I known Colin, since I was member of the Elite Program of Dr James McAnally. His..."
    -Dr. Ron Steenkist, Dentist in Amsterdam
    "Working with Colin has helped expand my business. My web presence is better than it has ever been. Product sales..."
    -Max Gotcher, Summit Practice Solutions
    "Colin Receveur is the real deal!! He delivers results on time and everytime!! I highly recommed Colin for all your..."
    -Dr. Ivan Terrero, Bonita Springs, Florida
    "Colin is the man in direct response marketing for dentists."
    -Dr. Mitchel Friedman, Newman Springs Dental Care
    "We have been recommending Collin to all of our clients for years now. Great results and happy doctors say it..."
    -Michael Abernathy DDS, Summit Practice Solutions
    "Colin and I have put our heads together on a number of projects and hopefully others will prosper from the..."
    -Dr. Michael “Yar” Zuk
    "Colin knows how to market. He understands people, and I liked him the minute I met him. Marketing is a..."
    -Pat Worcester, Mission Possible…Best Hygiene
    "Colin is constantly coming up with new ideas about creative ways to improve my rankings, results and ROI. Call him,..."
    -Dr. Ron Receveur, New Albany, IN