Building An “Iron Cage” Around Your Dental Patients With Social Media

txittyFor years there is has been a loud buzz about social media and blogs and how they can help you capture, inform and preserve your dental practice. If you are the one tweeting, posting and monitoring all of those social media sites, and then posting blogs as well, there are undoubtedly times when you wonder if the buzz is worth the effort.

Rest assured it is. Social media and blogs can work hand in hand to not only keep your followers informed but to help you build an “iron cage” around your dental patients.

Social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn is not just for teenagers. The demographics show that what was once a way for college and high school kids to keep in touch with their friends is now the fastest growing and most used connecting point for just about everyone, including those you want to attract as patients.



Twitter: While not the biggest social media site, demographically, most Twitter users are over 40, make higher incomes, and have more disposable income than any other social site on the web.


Facebook: By far the largest social site in the world with 1 Billion active users. Almost everyone you want to attract has a Facebook page, even your affluent and older patients. Women aged 45-64 years old are the fastest growing segment on Facebook.



LinkedIn: Known as the “professional’s site,” LinkedIn is not be the biggest social media site, but it will be the one that reaches more professionals as they use this site to keep in contact with other professionals, get questions answered quickly, and find information without a lot of hype.



The Fourth Element

blog-iconNo, this isn’t another Bruce Willis movie.. but there is one more element that all three social media sites should point to, and that is your blog. Your blog is “the world according to you.” It fills your followers in on any news, any technique or advanced clinical training you have. It has been proven that those who posts blogs on a regular basis are the ones who attract and retain new qualified patients the quickest.

With the millions of people using social media, there are bound to be many who will be searching for a topic you have expertise in. This realization could not be more timely or true than it is right now with Google focusing all their search results on local businesses. If Google, for example, knows a searcher is in Indianapolis it will display “dentists Indianapolis” with more priority than ever before. Those in your own local area will now be more likely to run across your blog posts, videos, articles, and other related information.

Your Patients Are Searching For Solutions

It is the dentist with the expertise who answers a prospective patient’s question who will be remembered. No, they may not call today, but when the need arises they will remember you. It is setting yourself up as the “go to” dentist so that down the road when someone needs you, they’ll remember you. If they see you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and then can read more on your blog, watch your videos, and download your free report, you are setting up a marketing “iron cage” around that prospective patient. Once you have captured their information, they become a valuable asset to your dental practice.

Do You Want To Be a Hero?

It is really exciting – and profitable – to be highly ranked for specific keywords, especially when they are for big case niches you wish to promote. But how impressive would it be if when a prospect searches, the find your dental practice not just once, three or four times?

LinkedIn, Facebook and your blog can all add relevant keywords and dominate the first page of search returns. Having a positive online reputation and getting a big boost for SEO are both important reasons for using social media and blogs.