Tired Of Waiting For Your Webmaster To Update Your Dental Website?

Articles, advertising campaigns, videos, blogs, online newsletters … these things and more require constant updates to your website. And with recent changes in the algorithms of search engines original content – and lots of it – plays an important role in getting your website highly ranked in the search engine return pages.

For many people website changes and updates is a real nightmare. Writing the news, articles and advertising is one thing; getting it up on the web is another as it often requires a webmaster, which results in added costs and delays.

Responsive Dental WebsitesSmartBox Web Marketing has taken the hassle out of web changes with its propriety SNAP™ System.

If you can type into a Word document, you can do edit your Website now too.

We know website changes and entries that have to be performed by a webmaster can take way too long. In addition, something always gets lost in the translation between your intended message and what appears on the site when you don’t have total control.

SmartBox eliminates what many of our dentists say is their number one complaint about their website: “It’s just too hard to manage.” We can transfer your site to our SNAP™ system, which places your content in easy-to-manage area for editing, updates and even entirely new pages.

Do you want to write a quick blog? It’s a SNAP™! Do you want to expand your article library for reader information? Not a problem! Got some new clinical training you want to highlight? You can do that too – all quickly and easily with SNAP™!

Whatever took you days or weeks to accomplish before can now be done in a SNAP™!

And without all of that geeky knowledge, you can:

  • Make changes to your homepage to keep it fresh.
  • Let everyone know about your dental specialties.  Readers like it when the knowledge they receive seems to come from the dentist him or herself (even if a staff member writes and posts it).
  • Blog posts can give readers up to date information, highlight new techniques, and answer commonly heard questions.
  • Readers will stay on your site longer and keep coming back if they can find information that piques their interest.  A constant flow of good articles is a good way to do this.  With S.N.A.P.™ you can even create an index which will help your readers find what they are looking for.
  • Create links from one page to another, one article to another or from your blog to a page with more information.  Readers will follow what interests them and search engines give higher credit to the words in an anchor link, allowing your keywords to work harder for you.
  • Show fresh patient testimonials on your site, add pictures and everything else you’ve always wanted to display but didn’t do it because it was just too much hassle in the past.
  • Enter and post a new newsletter frequently.  Use a capture box to not only keep your old patients loyal but to add new potential patients to your database.
  • Add video of live patient testimonials or offer a demonstration to impress your prospects.

There is no limit to what you can do with your website

Keeping your website competitive means lots of content. Maintaining that content is a major frustration and time expenditure. But it needs to be done because search engines devour fresh content. Patients love fresh content as well. There is no greater turn off for a patient than to go to your website and see outdated blogs, stale home pages and the same testimonials they have seen for years.

SmartBox can integrate any website into our SNAP™ system without changing the look and feel of the original site. You then can control the emphasis, tone, and the amount of content on a more frequent basis to give your readers – and the search engines – a reason for coming back.