Is Your Marketing Hemorrhaging Cash?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what is working for you (and what isn’t)? There are a lot of ways to advertise your dental practice. But let’s face it, the sales reps are not going to tell you exactly how many new patients or cases are going to come through your doors because of them.

  • How many people are calling you because of the newspaper ad?
  • How many have read your brochure and are actually becoming new patients?
  • What about that radio spot? Is it bringing in new business?
  • Is your website doing any better?
  • …and that Yellow Pages ad?


You are spending a lot of money hoping something works

If you really knew what worked and what didn’t, you would be able to narrow your focus and advertising dollars down to the things that really work. You would know if one media outperforms another. You would even be able to tailor make a campaign focusing on the specialty or big case you want to emphasize and know how to hit your target market.

Yes, the radio spot sounds good, but how can you tell if you’ve gotten a single patient from it? The web page looks like you want it to, and anybody can tell you how many clicks you’ve had… but how did that translate into patient numbers?

Introducing Zetetics®, Only at SmartBox Web Marketing


Zetetics® (pronounced Ze`tet´ics) defined is the direct search for unknown quantities. Talk about fitting! You’ve been searching for a way to truly know how your advertising is doing (and here it is).

Untitled-1In the normal day-in-day-out of advertising efforts, you hope your advertising money:

  • Leads to phone calls into your office…
  • You can schedule new qualified patients.

But do you know that’s what is happening?

With Zetetics® you’ll know without a guess how your advertising dollars are working for you.

A lot of dentists just assume that all advertising dollars are the same. Many take the stance that if the throw enough “up in the air” something will stick. Even more assume that if the dental practice down the road is advertising through the radio or newspaper that it must be working for them, and so they do it also.

But your advertising investment has to translate into getting those new qualified patients to make a call to your office. Wouldn’t it be great to know…absolutely know…what ad, what media, even what campaign pushing your dental practice is working the best?


Measure Your True ROI on Anything

Zetetics® from SmartBox Web Marketing not only can track your online performance, it can track every marketing effort you put out there including that all important phone call from a potential new patient.

We can track everything you do so you can make educated and informed decisions for your advertising:

  • Radio spots
  • Yellow Page Ads
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Direct Mailings
  • Email Campaigns
  • Brochures
  • Billboard Advertising
  • Websites
  • Banner Ads
  • Even Business Cards!

Eventually almost everything you do in your advertising effort has to lead back to a potential new patient making a phone call to your front desk. We’ll even tell you how your phone calls are working for you! Know:

  • Which ads are generating qualified patients and which ones are not.
  • What’s happening after-hours with your phones.
  • How your staff is handling the phone calls and sales process

Let’s put this power to practical application: Suppose you want to highlight one of your more lucrative procedures that you have advanced clinical training in, and conduct a campaign to drive in qualified new patients. Which works best; radio, the web or a newspaper ad?

Yes, radio might reach 50,000 listeners in your area, and your small town newspaper has a circulation of 14,000 while a website stands ready 24/7. Each have their place.

But Which One Converts To a Phone Call & Qualified New Patients?

Test it! Someone once said marketing is one big experiment, and how more true could that be. You can try one thing or another, but until now how did you know what was really working?

Zetetics® takes out the guess work. We can track your True ROI by assigning each effort a separate phone number. Our Zetetics® program then tracks each advertising effort and even records your telephone calls for conversions, hang ups, and after-hour calls. We can even record and email you your calls so can follow conversations to discover problems which may be affecting converting that prospective patient into a confirmed appointment.

Using Zetetics® you know… EVERYTHING

Now you can even “split test” the responses of different ads, advertising methods, and media. Run one against the other and with our proprietary system you’ll see – you’ll know- which is the best place to spend your advertising dollars.

How much did that Yellow Pages ad cost? And the newspaper ad, and then there is the radio spot? And did they work? Without Zetetics® it is impossible to tell. Imagine the money you’ll save… Imagine the patients you can drive to your door if you are reaching them effectively.

image019120+ Reports are Available to You: You’ll be Able To:

  • Find out what exactly works and what doesn’t!
  • Zero in on the most effective advertising!
  • And effectively attract the qualified patients you want.

In advertising, whether through a website, banner ad, print ad or on the radio, data is king. Without great data, advertising dollars are wasted and time is lost… and so are patients. With most advertising, you will not know for months which ads are working and which aren’t.

But with the right data you can drive more qualified patients to your practice is less time, with less effort, and with fewer dollars. Zetetics® puts that power in your hands.

All of your advertising – every bit of it – has to end in a phone call to your dental office. Do you know how people get your number? Do you know where they saw or heard your ad? Do you realize how much power you’d have if you had this data?

The Power of Data in Your Hands

Before you spend another dime on advertising, before you mail out that directmail, or sign a contract for your next radio spot – or any other form of advertising you do – you want to know it will:

  • Drive qualified phone calls into your office!
  • Bring qualified new patients through your doors!
  • And bring in the new patients and cases YOU want!

Get the Tools, Knowledge, and Assurance Your Advertising Is Working for You!

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